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Methodology Workshops

The methodology workshops are of a smaller scale than the summer schools, and will be more specific in their target group. These workshops are aimed at providing knowledge about specific data analysis methods, both quantitative and qualitative. There is an acute shortage of good teaching provision for more advanced data analysis and the pooling of resources through the methodology workshops will be a major development in ensuring that young researchers have access to the most advanced techniques in their field. During these workshops, students of the participating institutes wishing to use a specific kind of research technique, e.g. hazard rate models, loglinear modelling or a multi-level modelling will gather for two days with one or two experts for an intensive training. Additionally, specific workshops sessions may be structured around the use of particular data-sets, such as the European Social Survey, the European Community Household Panel or the international wage indicator dataset coordinated at AIAS that are central to the research of a number of students at different institutes.

The Department of Sociology of the University of Oxford will coordinate the organization of these workshops. Four of these workshops will be organized. A certain number of places at these workshops will be open to students from non-participating institutes, to ensure a wider reach of the benefits of the network’s activities.