Start Students Methodology Workshops 2008 Oxford Spring School Course

2008 Oxford Spring School Course

Crash Course in Stata – Steve Fisher, 17 July 2008 (am).

Selection Bias Modelling – Victoria Prowse, 17 (pm) & 18 July 2008.

This event will take place in the Manor Road Building, Oxford.

The Crash Course in Stata will present the basics of the Stata statistical package.

The Selection Bias Modelling course will start by defining what is meant by selection and selection bias. Several empirical examples, illustrating both self-selection and non-random allocation of treatments, will be provided. Attention will then be turned to the most popular methods of correcting for selection bias including the Heckman selection model, instrumental variables, propensity score matching and difference in differences. The emphasis will be on practical applications and intuition for the statistical models rather than technicalities. The lectures will be complemented by STATA computer classes aimed at proving a working knowledge of using selection models, including the “heckman” and “heckprob” commands.

The course will run at an introductory level and will not assume any prior knowledge of the statistical models.

For more information and registration details, please visit the Spring School website http://springschool.politics.ox.ac.uk/