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University of Tartu

General information

Faculty of Social Sciences was founded in 1992 being the youngest faculty of the University of Tartu that dates back to the year 1632. The Faculty of Social Sciences includes the departments of Journalism and Social Communication; Political Sciences; Public Administration; Psychology; Semiotics; Sociology and Social Policy.

Department of Sociology and Social Policy consists of three Chairs: Chair of Theory and History of Sociology, Chair of Methods and Analysis, Chair of Social Policy. Additionally, two research units (Unit of Gender Studies and Unit of Family and Welfare Studies) are affiliated with the Department. Both units belong to the Centre of Excellence in Health and Behavioural Sciences of Estonia.

Currently there are two major streams of research in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy that could be brought under the common denominator of life-course studies and welfare and social policy studies. The direction of life-course studies also includes studies into social stratification. The direction of welfare and social policy studies has been built up on the basis of family and welfare studies. A fresh aspect to the research in the Department is that of study of suicidal behaviour.

The Department holds the Estonian Social Science Data Archive (ESSDA) that functions as an all-Estonian social science data bank.

Research programme

International networks and collaboration

Currently the Department is engaged in several international networks: