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AIAS-AMCIS/University of Amsterdam

General information

AIAS is an interdisciplinary institute, established by the departments of economics, sociology, law, psychology and health at the University of Amsterdam. It is a unique high-level expert centre for research and teaching in the Netherlands on industrial relations, organisation of work, wage formation, labour market inequalities and social policy. AIAS maintains a number of databases on trade union membership, collective bargaining and labour market institutions, and collective agree¬ments, and it provides essential scientific support to large national survey-based internet databases on individual wages. For the present Network of Excellence, existing collaborations between AIAS and SCHOLAR are pursued and strengthened. SCHOLAR is a research group of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Amsterdam, funded by the Netherlands’ Organisation for Scientific Research for 7 years. It studies, firstly, the efficiency of the transition from education and the labour market and its consequences for economic development. Secondly it is on the equity aspects of the transition between education and the labour market.

Research programme

Current research themes of AIAS and SCHOLAR include

International networks and collaboration

AIAS hosts the co-ordination of the highly productive European Low-wage Employment Research Network LoWER and its research projects, funded by the European Commission since 1996 by the Fourth and Fifth Framework Programmes. This network comprises leading institutes and researchers in the field from most EU countries.

AIAS hosts the co-ordination of the WOLIWEB project. WOLIWEB was recently funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme. WOLIWEB will investigate the socio-economic determinants of citizens’ work life attitudes, preferences and perceptions, using data from the continuous web-based European Wage Indicator Survey. The Survey covers nine European Countries (www.loonwijzer.nl).

SCHOLAR has done commissioned research within the contexts of the OECD and the EU (e.g. Targeted Socio-Economic Research TSER). Its researchers collaborate with researchers across Europe and the USA (e.g. OECD, Worldbank, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tinbergen Institute, SOFI (Partner 1 of present proposal).