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FAMNET: Family and Social Networks

Research in this Research Group will focus on i) the implications of the changing family-work balance as expressed by women’s labour force participation for work organisation, for family formation and organisation, for welfare state arrangements; and ii) the varieties and changes of social networks in crucial phases of the individuals’ and household’s life cycle, with a specific attention for their impact over time on the individuals’ and households’ life chances. Research will focus on the way changes in the organization of work address, facilitate, or hinder conciliation between family and work not only for women, but also for men. Particular attention will be given to the impact, opportunities and risks offered by various forms of flexibilisation. It will also focus on the impact of work demands on the quality of life of households and families, with a particular focus on dual earner/dual career families and on children. Furthermore, attention will be paid to the impact of different patterns of work and family arrangements on formation (or non formation) of families, including fertility choices.

Below you can find the State of the Art Reports of the FAMNET Research Group:

FAMNET Scientific Report 2006-2007

FAMNET State of the Art Report 2006