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Equalsoc and ECSR joint Summer School 2008 edition - Application Notes

Trento, 31 Augustus - 6 September 2008

The Equalsoc and ECSR joint Summer School will be held in Trento at the Conference Centre Panorama on behalf of University of Trento from the 31st to the 6th of September 2008. It will be devoted to an analysis of how globalisation processes and recent changes in labour market regulation have affected the shape of social disparities among social groups and the relative weights of class, gender and generation in determining individuals’ life chances.

Admission Procedures

The admission procedures will be as follows:
  1. PhD students will be selected on the basis of an abstract of their papers and CVs.
  2. The abstract, CVs and applicant’s address must be submitted using the online application form on the EqualSoc website:
  3. PhD students can present papers about any aspect related to the topic of the School. Papers can focus on any European nation, but comparative studies are also encouraged.
  4. All PhD students are invited to apply to the Summer School.
  5. The deadline to send applications is May 30 2008.
  6. Admitted PhD students should mail their full papers in a pdf format to [email protected]. The full paper must be received by 31 July 2008.


Equalsoc and ECSR will fund, following their own rules, the Ph.D. students coming from the respective institutions. All admitted PhD students will be granted of stay expenses by EqualSoc and ECSR funds. Those coming from an EqualSoc institution will also be refunded of their travel expenses, provided that they do not exceed 350 €. Those coming from a non-EqualSoc institution should pay for their own travel expenses.

For more information and an application form visit the following link: www.equalsoc.org/97


the Summer school will be arranged around a set of substantive lectures and a set of methodological lectures. They are as follows:

Substantive lectures: Methodological lectures:

Equalsoc is responsible for the substantive lectures, while ECSR will organise the methodological lectures. For any further information on the Summer School organisation, please contact Federica Santangelo at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

For more information and an application form visit the following link: www.equalsoc.org/97