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Website news and questions

01-23-2008: Attachments in emails

The attachment problem in an email send to a large number of people is solved (there was a strange bug I’m afraid). That is, I couldn’t test it since testing on 450 people is a bit annoying. But I am sure it works.

12-20-2007: Logging in

We have added the list of all Equalsoc participants to the new website. It wasn’t possible to get the old passwords. Therefore, you will need a new one. To get a new password, click on the “Log in” button on the upper left hand side of this page, and click the “Forgot password” button. Submit your email address. An email will be sent to you containing a new link (this is for security purposes). Remember that this email might end up in your spam box depending on how “thorough” your email filter is. Click on the link and the website will ask you for a new password.

note: it seems that sometimes, after resetting your password, you will encounter an error message if you click on the “Public Site” button. If so, just browse to www.equalsoc.org again. I will fix this problem a.s.a.p.

12-20-2007: Instructional Clips

The instructional clips we have made so far are Quicktime clips. A lot of computers have Quicktime installed, but some don’t. If you don’t have it, click on this link and download it for free.


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  • May 27 Cristina Solera at 20:24

    Dear Casper, I have discovered why I keep not receiving the mails from equalsoc: I’m not in the list of team members neither in FAMNET nor in EMPLOY.Could you please add me?

  • May 21 Garriga (Anna) at 16:41

    Dear Casper,

    I would like to send a project proposal for a research team to all members of famnet group. But I do not known how to it. Is there some aplication in the webpage? Where? Can you help me? Best wishes,


  • May 17 Altintas (Evrim) at 13:34

    Dear Casper, I do not have an access to any menu item on backend page to send an e-mail to group members. There is no item on top of dashboard. Best wishes, Evrim

  • May 5 Solera (Cristina) at 19:15

    Dear Casper, it seems that I do not receive all the mails sent by equalsoc. For example I did not receive the email form Duncan Gallie on EQUALSOC Methods Workshop 17th-18th July 2008 (sent Mer, 30 Aprile 2008, 5:07 pm). Can you please help me?

  • Apr 14 Delma Byrne at 13:39

    Hi Casper, thanks for this info page. I am trying to Log into the site, but when I reset my password, I am still refused entry into the site. Any suggestions? Thanks, Delma.

  • Mar 18 Alain Chenu at 14:54

    The document: http:/www.equalsoc.org/documents/Employment Regimes and the Quality of Work.pdf can not be found. Would you please send me the correct link in the aim to order the the EQUALSOC publication by the EMPLOY research group ‘Employment Regimes and the Quality of Work’. Thank you for your help!

  • Mar 17 Santangelo (Federica) at 16:05

    Dear Casper, I have sent an email to the network, but the text was unexpectedly cut out. Kind regards, Federica

  • Mar 13 Naldini (Manuela) at 15:24

    Dear Casper, I would like to add some new PhD student from my Department (University of Turin) . What I have to do? Best wishes, Manuela

  • Mar 6 Erikson (Robert) at 09:14

    When I try to find out who is registered by looking at ‘responses’ at the back end I don’t find it and when I push responses at the front I am told to log in before viewing the back end (which I of course have done). Robert

  • Mar 4 Teresio Poggio at 10:50

    Dear Casper, I’ve uploaded my paper for the Berlin conference selecting the “hidden” option. This option was supposed to allow viewing/downloading the paper only to Equalsoc (logged-in) members. Something went wrong, as the paper is now also visible to persons outside the network…

    Best wishes, Teresio

  • Feb 13 Erikson (Robert) at 16:12

    Dear Casper, I have uploaded three working papers, but they only seem prossible to read by me, myself. How do I make the available to others? The Web site is great now. Best wishes, Robert