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Economic change, inequality and social inclusion in Europe

Wednesday 18 February 2009 — Wednesday 18 February 2009

This policy conference is organized by the Network of Excellence EQUALSOC, “Economic change, quality of life and social cohesion”, in collaboration with the European Commission, DG Research and DG Employment.

The objective of the conference is to investigate and discuss with researchers and policy makers, at national and European level, the relationship between growth, economic inequality and social inclusion within Europe and to answer the following questions:

- What do we know about the recent evolution of economic and social inequalities in Europe? - Under which conditions can growth and economic inequalities stimulate each other? - What can we learn from the relationship between knowledge-economics, globalisation and inequalities of earnings in the member states? - In which way are inequalities of earnings and relative poverty detrimental to social inclusion? - Can reorganisation go together with a strong employment commitment? - Can we speak about Europeanisation of inequality? - Can practical lessons be drawn from the research in order to refine the Social Indicators that support the Open Method of Coordination?

The EQUALSOC conference will take place the day before the meeting of the Social Protection Committee (SPC), managed by DG Employment (Dir E, Social Protection and Integration), to allow the SPC members to be present at the conference and participate in the discussion about the policy relevance of the EQUALSOC results.

For information please contact: [email protected] or [email protected] .

The conference is free. Travel and accommodation costs (for maximum 2 nights) are reimbursed to Equalsoc members.

Download the program of the conference and the practical information sheet .