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Below you can find the State of the Art Reports of the EMPLOY Research Group:

Michael TÃ¥hlin: Skill change and skill matching in the labour market: A cross-national overview

Herman van de Werfhorst: Productive Skills: Positional Good or Social Closure? Mechanisms for the education effect on labour market outcomes

Martina Dieckhoff: Continuing Training

Duncan Gallie: The Quality of Job Tasks

Chung Yan Ip: Careers in Work

Ying Zhou: Part-Time Work

Neli Demireva: The Labour Market Performance of Ethnic Minority Populations

Paolo Barbieri: Atypical Employment and Welfare Regimes

Chung Yan Ip: Job Security

Martina Dieckhoff: Unemployment and Activation

Martina Dieckhoff, Michael Gebel, Nadia Steiber and Daniele Zaccharia: Varieties of Life Course Patterns The Role of Institutions in Shaping Labour Market Careers in Europe

Hande Inanc: Labour Market Insecurity and Family Relationship

Philipp Hessel and Wolfgang Keck: How caring for an adult person affects employment?

Charlotta Magnusson and Magnus Nermo: Gender segregation and stratification

Neli Demireva:Ethnic Minority Representation in the Public Sectors of the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and the US